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Computers are now embedded anywhere, e.g., appliances, cars, robots, and buildings, and thoses are connected using several networks, such as high speed local area network, wireless network, and the internet. An embedded system requires not only real-timeness to control equipments, but also high-performance to support rich functions and saving energy. As the embedded systems enrich our life, the systems must be dependable. We call such a system "dependable real-time and high-performance parallel and distributed system."

In order to estabilsh dependable real-time high-performance parallel and distributed computing, the following research topics are pursued in our laboratory.

  • Dependable Operating Systems
    Keywords: Single System, Checkpoint, Process Migration, High Dependable Communication, and Global Scheduling
  • Cluster and Grid Systems
    Keywords: High Productity Programming Language System, High Performance Communication Library, Grid MPI, and Predictable Communication Performance
  • Real-Time Distributed Systems
    Keywords: Compile-time WCET Analysis, Real-Time Communication, and Power aware Real-Time Schduler
  • The Next Generation Operating System Kernel
    Keywords: Multi-Core Operating Systems, Software Distributed Memory, and High Performance Communication Mechanism


YAMPI: MPI Library Implementation
Single System Image Linux
Worst Case Execution Time Prediction Tool
Real-Time Linux
Yutaka Ishikawa
Assistant Professor
Hideyuki Jitsumoto
Balazs Gerofi
Hiromi Takahashi
Ph D. Candidate 1st Year
Min Si
Master Course 2nd Year
Yuki Matsuo
Master Course 1st Year
Naoaki Iwakiri
Tomoyuki Saito
Research Student
Stephan Ribeiro
Carlos Villalba